Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pac Man City

Wan Chai, Hong Kong
In the interest of getting into the habit of posting on the blog again, I'm going to put up a photo a day - each for no particular reason other than I like them in some way. This one is from a recent visa run to Hong Kong, just down the street from the Asteroids massage parlor and across from the Missile Command cafe.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beginning Chapter Two (already in progress)

Chengdu, chapter two: out our back window

Ah, a lazy Sunday afternoon, with Jane at a seminar at the school up the road for new Waldorf parents, sounds of Zekey humming off in the spare bedroom, Ysa educating to her dolls (in Chinese), and Xander reading a big fat cartoon joke book. I've opened the editor for this blog several times in the past weeks, but then got sucked down the rabbit hole of the internet. This time, there's an article on the top five tips for reading Moby Dick (Why? There is no why. It's the internet!) waiting in another browser tab, but I can't start it till I hit the "publish" button.

Blogging for our China 2.0 experience is much more intimidating that writing blog was the first time around. Not too many "oh, wow, look at this different thing that I've discovered" posts to write, and the discoveries that remain, while interesting and amazing, also require a bit more unpacking. Chronology and events are likewise more involved, personal occurrences are more personal, and even the summaries are sometimes hard to summarize. So there have been many false starts, which have crashed and burned because, well, they weren't all that interesting to me, let alone some poor stranger on the internet somewhere.

But we know that blogging is all about navel gazing anyway, right?

And showing pretty pictures, like this one:

Sha Tin, Hong Kong

And (from the grandmother placation department), this:

First day of school, chapter two

...But...if you're reading this, chances are you've read this blog already, and you know what you've signed up for, right?

Let the Randomness Resume!